Checking in with our Garden

Growing things this year in Michigan has been easier than in past years.  The mixture of heat and rain and sun has been wonderful, and every plant I have in the garden is giving fruit/veggies right now!

Red Zebra Tomato

A beautiful Pepper turning red

Rows of carrots, celery, broccoli, and cabbage-y things

A nice pest free, organic Red cabbage

Rainbow Chard

The dumpster in our driveway was hauled away to Lion's Delight on thursday.

It was a big help and everything that was in my living room is now gone!!!

The process of hooking the dumpster onto the truck was fun to watch.

All of my roses are having a second bloom right now. These peachy orange ones are my favorite. 🙂

Judah is in love with lion's new hat.



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