Friday Errands, and a Village party

I used Red/Black Indio to run errands all afternoon with the kids.

In the morning Lion and I dragged Judah to The DIscovery Center, a cool preschool, where we decided Lion is going to go to preschool.  He is going to be in the purple room 4 days a week, and he is very excited, as are we.  He feels ready, and has been bugging me to go to school for months now.  Every time we go visit he asks if he can stay yet!

For the evening we went down town to Dexter where in the summer every friday night they have live music, food and entertainment for the kids.

Our New Petrol Fish Ringsling got some unexpected use

Even Big Boys need cuddles, especially from their daddies who are gone at work alot!

A ringsling on the back can be snuggly in a pinch

We walked over to where "The Juggler Man" was and saw some beautiful fire juggling (In Tussah Silk Nino) 🙂

He was great!

It was beautiful as the sun went down


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