Weekend Ann Arbor Babywearers, a New Fun Trend! (Hopefully)

Barb in Vatani Marayuma, and Lauren in Jungle Girasol

Looka atta Chunky Mira!

Lauren's jungle Gira seems more vibrant than ours. Maybe a different batch? I must remember to compare. . . Oh Do'oh I'm such a geek!

We met at Allmendinger Park, one of my favorites, and Thank you to all the mamma’s who drove from far away, it was so great to meet you!

Fresh Grapes, on this mamma, who came along way! With such a sweet little one!

Kara and Evan wrapping their little one in a woven for the first time.

Perfect natural rounded spine position, Happy Happy Baby. 🙂

Off to play with our big kids! The work of moms continues thanks to babywearing!

Beautiful walking Goddess next to the Ann Arbor Babywearers Lending Library.

Babies Learning to Socialize with the help of their mamma

Teaching each other new carries

Comfy cozy together

I love the tall tall trees at Allmendinger

Greg is really getting the feel for the ringsling

Both kids sorta fell off the merry-go-round. Judah got a bloody lip and was over it pretty fast.

Lion had a bit of a more intense encounter with the ground. . . . and handled it really well.

At home We had Sandy and Greg over for the afternoon and got to wear Camillia.

Daddy Slingin' while mommy worked on Becca's Dreadlocks!

Sandy and I ended up trading Ellaroo Elsa For today’s dread work, and it was really nice to see her (Elsa, the wrap)  wrapping a babe again, especially one we love so much!


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