3 All Cotton Indios

These three wraps are well loved and enjoyed here.  Red/Black Indio was my first Indio ever and a forever love here.  Old Red/White Indio was supposed to be a cranberry indio, but when it got here an examination of it’s tag showed it’s true age.  I have since learned that old red/white is often bought sold as cranberry due to the color (it is after all fairly cranberry), and sometimes known as “the other cranberry”  Violet/White Indio was one of the first wraps I fell in love with at first sight.  It was my first ISO (In Search Of) on The Babywearer and I bought sold/traded untill I had the longest one I could use.  this 6 is very rare, and has a small hole about 1 inch from the end.

top to bottom; red/black indio, old red/white indio, violet/white indio

Old Red White Indio

Violet / White

Red/Black at the Farmers Market


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