Free Concerts Rock!

We arrived and Walked around the artisans market for a bit and Judah took a snooze in our new Thick Fish from our friend in California who knew we were looking for one!

We arrived a bit early to the courtyard and had lunch with Edith and Meaghan

We ate Blackbean hummus and chips, and watched Joe Reilly and Band warm up.

Then the Kids spotted the daddies on their Bikes!

The rain held off, and it was a beautiful afternoon to be outside

rbdmamma, I don't know If you read my blog, but thank you!

Kyle loves to dance with the kids

I mean really, who wouldn't?

Beautiful girls!

Joe is really Magical you can check out his music at

We were all so into it

Beautiful Firstborn Babes

We have plans to see Joe 3 more times this summer

Lion Danced Away the Afternoon, like his daddy

Judah is so outgoing. She just walked over and sat next to this mamma and asked to pet the pink poodle!

A nursing mamma's work is hard in the heat, plus the huge toddler can make things rough too! Meaghan is a proud rockin' mamma.

Everybody dancing to "The Mamma Song" One of my favorites, for no secret reason. 🙂


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