Catching up the week!

Cobalt Zimpt Indio for a nurse.

I love the tri colors of this Indio.

Watching them play is one of the best things ever.

On Friday I did a workshop at Elephant Ears Children's Boutique, this is the owners daughter practicing with a moby wrap.

We are not Always wrapping you know, sometimes we bust out some other carriers. Kyle wore this one to drive RC cars with the kids outside, and walk down to the free concert in Dexter that takes place every friday night.

My friend's visiting Lila Azzuro, is getting the most comments from strangers that any wrap ever has when I wear it out and about.

It is beautiful

Lion's new Remote Control Car is his new love. He tucks it into bed at night, with it's charger.

Greg and Sandy came to visit on Saturday with Camillia of course

Earthy rainbow Girasol

Finger Munching

Chub Bub!

I've decided I don't NEED Lila (on top) because C/Z is so pretty and similar (right?)

With Violet white on top. . . .


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