Silver Lake for Kalila’s 2nd Birthday Party

I was so happy to be among like minded mammas for the afternoon

Ring around the rosie

piggy back rides

Happy birthday girl and mamma

Check out Lauren's Awesome Tats! (and Earthy rainbow)

Peek a boo with Curt

Sage really didn't want his picture taken, so I thought I'd post it! 🙂 I might be a little evil.

Singing and present time

Blowing out her candles

Mark and Meaghan are awesome

Max Loved his cupcake!

Judah loved Kalila's new Gabba video

It was nice to be together after a crazy weekend.

Kyle brought his drum and drummed with the kids

Judah pretending to brush my hair with one of her awesome party favors, It was so sweet!

Lila Azzuro in the sun. The linen shimmers. This wrap is really hard to photograph.

Some of the kids took one last swim at the end. Wrapping at the lake is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Kalila!


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