Ann Arbor Babywearers 8/10

The New Ardant Girasol Exclusive

Playing with our big kids is the best reason to wrap our little ones

Gillian arrived looking like a pro!

Learning to back wrap with her first wrap

And doing a great job

Passing around Lila Azzuro while it's still visiting

We come for the companionship of other like minded mammas

Beautiful Red ivory linen indio

I always know a baby is comfortably seated when they will mouth the carrier.

The proof is in the pic. 🙂

Judah was obsessed with Kalila's shiny new red shoes

Happy wearing!

Beautiful wrap job Sandy! and Chunky baby!

Folding up Didy Clouds to go home

It was a great day, and my first with Sari there to help me with the kids which was awesome.  I am excited for it to be this way from now on, untill we have a private space, which is in the works!  Also  we are going to have another awesome weekend meeting August 28th.  and I can’t wait to see more dads and non regulars there.


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