The days go by so happily!

We used Night rainbow all day wednesday for lots of errands, here we are outside the Post Office

and the bank, in and out of the car without even waking up.

Even on a super hot day, wraps are really breathable.

Having Morning sickness allows me to see my garden early in the morning as the sun comes up.

I watched this rose open on my favorite rosebush yesterday morning, and it was so beautiful.

Wearing your doggy is a great way to include him in all you do! 🙂

I took my grandma out to lunch while the kids were at gillian's. I couldn't crop lion out of this pic for some reason, But I love this picture of grandma.

After I picked up the kids, I took them back to see a concert at Baba's Home.

They were really well behaved

And of course Doggy came along for the ride and to see the show. 🙂 It made grandma so happy to see them climbing around.

Judah fell asleep and we went back to Baba's room to play for a bit.

This Bebina Zodiac sling is the softest wrap I have ever felt.

After work, Kyle is working hard on finishing the deck, a project he is winging and doing really well with, considering it was started by someone else. I am so proud of him and it looks great!

I think Lion took this picture of me passed out on the couch when they came in from deck building. 🙂 Being Pregnant is so tiring.


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