Having help is wonderful!

My wraps are my extra hands when my new babysitters are not around.  We have a great new couple in town who has started coming over and helping with the kids until Lion starts school.  Then helping with judah during my latter pregnancy, and I hope they stay around long enough to meet the new bean!

We wrap and unwrap alot for nursing, blogging and just to be close. This is our Jade Royal, a comfy cushy wrap.

Goofy look on Judah's face, but we wore Violet white indio to visit the discovery Center, lion's new school that he is going to start in a week!

He is so excited, he always asks why he's not staying yet!!! I'm going to miss him so much.

Miss Thang Loves my pink and purple taco bell cups. I swear this is watered down apple juice. She just loves the cups. I on the other hand have been craving root beer lately, hence the cups appearance. 🙂

This passed weekend was Dexter Daze. Free music and fun for all. We walked downtown with the Lieburns and had a blast.

Sweet girls taking a water break in their matching jelly shoes. 🙂

Lion has been using my camera when I leave it in reach lately. 🙂 He is really in to Thomas the Tank Engine right now, and he took this pic, I'm sure of it. 🙂


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