Party’s all day!

On Sunday Morning we picked up Baba and took her to the Drummunity Drumcircle in the Kerrytown Courtyard to watch the kids and Kyle have a ball.

There were tons of drums to choose from as well as shakers and mallets and every kind of rhythm toy you can imagine.

Kyle and Baba had this matched set going

The leaders were leading call and response games and fun rhythms.

Lion mid-drum! This event was really geared toward him.

Judah enjoyed it though too. It was very hot though.

We all loved the free feeling I think. It was a bit of controlled chaos. 🙂

Kyle nabbed this pic of my grandma dancing in the middle of the circle with 2 tambourene's over her head, soaking in the rhythm.

It was hot (like 88 ish and MUGGY so worth mentioning again), and Judah kept wanting to put mallets in her mouth

Then I took the kids to Ishea's Birthday Party

Oh the Fire Fish Hotness! Lauren and Fin were lookin smokin' "wrong" side out!

Lion loves other kids toys, they make him so happy! I think School is going to be awesome for him.

The Beautiful Birthday Girl.

The Beautiful Birthing-day Mamma with her 6th babe, now 1 year old.

Sweet Baby Kiss!

The birthday girl was a bit upset about her Hummus incident, but we all thought it was pretty cute. :).

Judah has been loving trying on different hats and dragging around bags and purses. Here she is about to swap from the headphones to lion's helmet.

Sunday was busy and wonderful.  I love looking back at the pictures of the children loving their life!


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