Ann Arbor Babywearers

Today the Red Pfau ventured out for the first time. Meaghan was the only one brave enough to wrap them up. My online friends are suggesting that the wrap be named "Freebird" because the wrap was kept in the box for so long. 🙂

They looked FAB!!!!!

Jade royal on Lauren, I really wanted her to try on a jade.

Learning new back carries can be daunting, but these mammas are taking it in stride. 🙂

Yummy green leo and a beautiful boy!

Then the group Cassis Waves passed the taste test as we all learned the Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry together

Beautiful Elsa on Beautiful Camillia

Then we learned the Back War Cross carry as a small group

Sleepy babe

Both mammas tried ruck straps instead of any passes, twists or knots over the body.  This carry can be done with a 4 (3.6m) by most body types.

Lauren's new P/E fish 4 (our old lovey!!)

One last shot of an awesome back carry before lunch

Before Lunch Came

By the time the food was ready. . .

Beautiful peaceful lunch for this mamma. 🙂

My favorite salad! The Moroccan Chicken Salad at the California Pizza Kitchen is amazing.

Bigger Babies are a Bigger Challenge in restaurants.

Meaghan had to run to work, and I was so happy to have had her squeeze in both AABW'ers and work 🙂 and even more happy to see her and Edith in Night rainbow 2.

Lunch was a happy wearing-full event.

Sandy's hair was beautiful and special for her Birthday which she kept a secret. 🙂 silly mamma. 🙂

Judah Fell asleep in RastaMamma while we walked around a bit. It's so much easier than trying to put her in the car while awake and fussy. 🙂

Both Grandmas came on tuesday and helped me so much!  Lion was Thrilled to see his Dommy and It was a real surprise to have my parents back in town early.


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