This is me, trying.

Lion visited his school the week before he started. It was wonderful to see him love it so much and get comfortable so quickly.

He made 5 rainbow fish, for us and Gillian and Kalila

On monday, the day before our friends memorial service, Kyle took the day off to reflect and gave generously of his time to help me drive to the Flint La Leche League Enrichment meeting to be the speaker.  It took our minds off of thngs for the time we were there.  The mammas there were AMAZING!

Night rainbow 1 and Kyle, teaching the double hammock.


There were lots of experienced mammas there and it was so much fun to explore wearing older kids for a change of pace.

This mamma had twin big boys, this is an 18 inch o&a.

and here is the other twin in a toddler filiokus meitai, almost 20 in body, one of my favorite big kid carriers.

It was great to have stephanie there to help teach, and to talk to.

they love tussah silk nino

Steph is working on finding a carrier for her mom and nora to use together, the o&a seems to be a good fit.

a carrier that fits well goes all the way to the back of the child's knees and all the way to the top of their shoulder blades.

Kyle even snapped a pic of me in there!

There were 2 proud tandem nursing mammas in this La leche group. It was nice to be in good company for a change. 🙂

I could not take enough pictures of this mamma nursing her twins. It was so beautiful.

The host's beautiful baby girl

Kyle, outside the house, such a big help!

Our weeping cherry tree fell over as a result of our construction. I will miss our yearly pictures and the beauty of the blossoms every spring. But compared to losing Liz, I feel almost nothing.

It was big and beautiful and awesome.

Pregnant Sandy looking beautiful in front of the tree.

Tuesday Lion had his first day of school

The play table is full of something different every day.

We grew some awesome corn for the first time ever this year.

I decided to cut off of my dreadlocks, because I was dreading my hair with my friend who passed, and it was just to hard to see and feel them all the time.

Then Sandy and I had to brush the nubs out.

We were at Meaghans, and she helped in this awesome way as edith was trying to sleep and Camillia was trying to get her mom to stop doing my hair. 🙂

We decided to get I-Pad's instead of Dvd players in the new minivan that we are working on buying, and the kids LOVE them.


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