A special Weekend Ann Arbor Babywearers Meet up!

Daddies wearing, and talking about it. 🙂

I love the park, so much more than the mall, at least while the weather is nice.Tussah silk fish being oh-so-loved

Barb wrapping her big boy in a Panama Hoppaditz wrap. I love hopps because they are wide and supportive.

Loved it!

Barb's husband in his first (i'm sure of many) woven wrap jobs. He was totally a natural (in zara infinity btw).

proud teachers in Night rainbow 1

Lauren and Finn obliged me by wrapping in the freebirds today.

they looked so beautiful

Kyle was a wrapping machine!

he is an amazing father, and wrapper.

This Rabeneltern needs a good new home! I should go list it on Natural Mammas (TBW'er of the UK)

I love when we can come together as whole families and help each other.

Trying out the O&A carrier first mom then dad

Barb's hubby was feeling brave.

total success

I was so excited that Teffer came down with her family

Red Pfau is beautiful on everyone so far, but especially on Tadgh. (must check spelling)

Finn looked Amazing in Big Sur Girasol

My new Toscana Ellipsen looked awesome on these 2!

Jessica looked great in Lauren's ER and Lauren finally "got" Pamir. Yay wrapping Daddies!!!