A little more wrap geekery. . .

These are My wraps from Ellevill. It means "excited" or really happy in Norweigan Bottom Up, Zara Forest old handwoven 4.9 m, zara aubergine also handwoven 3.9 m, Jade Royal 4.9 (also handwoven), and Jade Deli LE 3 meters, My perfect shorty. These wraps are some of my favorite and they wrap so well!

The wrap and sling stash for the new baby is getting close to perfect. 🙂

While gardening on monday al together Lion and I found this little tree frog hiding in our comfrey plant.

Judah has become obsessed with purses, shoes, jewelry, and brushing her hair. It is amazing to see and I can honestly say I have no idea where it comes from. 🙂


One thought on “A little more wrap geekery. . .

  1. Is that honestly how many wraps you have! That is amazing, I have one wrap and a SSC and hubby thinks i’m a little crazy, haha!
    Lucky kids 🙂

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