Ann Arbor Babywearers, our last day at the Mall

See? Obsessed with purses. She also steals stranger's bags if they have shiny buckles and things. It's tough to explain to people.

Lauren's Tussah Silk Fish was Devine, MUST RESIST!!!

Gillian brought Edith along with Kalila and the girls were happy to see each other.

Giving a ringsling lesson, and then a nursing in a ringsling lesson. 🙂

This mamma was a first time ringslinger, and really wanted an option that was easier to nurse in than her Moby Wrap

Lauren tried my Violet white Indio, and they looked awesome!!!

Edith and Gillian tried out the Tussah Fish as well, and rocked it!!!

I fell for Lauren's Color grown Indio and wrapped up Judah after she passed out nursing, and went for lunch. It's thick and yummy, but getting short around my tummy. 🙂

Camillia in Felice at lunch. I can't stop thinking about that Moroccan Chicken Salad at California Pizza Kitchen all week!


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