Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary!  We woke up and were so grateful for each other and our children.  Looking back on this blog I really feel grateful to it (and you all) who really help me appreciate what I have in this world, through pictures and my goofy tidbits of comments.  I feel so much closer to my memories and my family and friends as I look back at them in picture form.

This morning we got a chance to use our new Wrapsody Sol ( http://shopzerberts.com/item_65/Wrapsody-Bali-Stretch–Sol.php )  in the windy parking lot, and it was comfy and cozy as we picked up some snacks and Juice for the drive to Howell to drop off the children.

Unfortunately the business of the afternoon was not celebration.  After we took the kids to Dommies to play with their cousins and grandparents, we went to our friends old house in plymouth, where she passed away a few weeks ago, and helped her family clear out her belongings.  Then the evening was spent greeting and grieving with her friends and ex girlfriend as they came to pick up memorabilia we brought from her house, so we can all have something to remember her by.

This is an awesome variation of the double hammock, really I just LOVE the way Giselle (the woman in the video link) wraps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLv96n8PPzc

Tomorrow and monday we will celebrate our anniversary, I swear, happy pics and everything.


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