weekend home together, GfCf is a lot of work!

Yesterday I picked these tomatoes and peppers (and some watermelons) out of Liz's garden. I have never been so confused as being at my friends house, when she has passed away. I feel as though she is about to come around the corner.

This is one of Liz's house plants, I potted all the babies seperately and am spreading them around to her friends as they come by to mourn.

Kyle watched the kids a lot so I could roast peppers as a gift for my grandmother (and others), in the traditional way she showed me.

Blacken the skins on the peppers with the gas stove

Then the skins will peel right off with your hands, practically fall off 🙂

She emphasized how important it is to leave the peppers whole and avoid puncturing them if you can. The juices will stay trapped and flavorful, at this point I puncture the peppers and drain that juice into a bowl, one pepper at a time, and set it aside.

Slice very thin and put in the bowl with the drained juice. (beautiful!!!!) season with a tiny bit of sea salt. We use no oil, because it goes rancid before the peppers, so just the juices and sea salt.

They add so much flavor to everything! I made deviled eggs, one of kyle's favorite treats, and a pepper on top made it soooo much better!

They are also in this crazy huge salad I made, but hard to see.

Keeping the family Gluten and Dairy free is really challenging.  I spend alot of extra time when Kyle or Twan or Sari are with the kids cooking and freezing food, mostly because we can’t order out easily.  I used to take for granted that I could be tired at the end of a long day and decide not to cook and order chinese or pizza, but now I spend my energetic moments preparing for my lack of energy at the end of the day, mostly due to pregnancy fatigue.

With a focus on our diet, this brand has been our favorite for almost everything. Namaste. The Mac and Cheese substitute is the newest best addition to the line.

Just a few more products that save our life. The consistency of the Tinkayada pasta is perfect and not mushy at all.

It is hard, but our quality of life is so much higher, that I don’t even really think about going off the diet anymore.


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