Giving Energy and Hoping for a Miracle

We are attempting to create energy all over the place.  Our dear friends are going through a liver transplant with their baby as we speak, and we have been putting alot of energy into manifesting her healing, and supporting her family, while this little angel recovers.

Lucy, our prayers are with you.

This is the inside workings of the solar water heater exchanger that kyle has been building for weeks. he is very close to testing it and very excited about it. It will be a real energy saver and beautiful thing. More pics to come!

A handsome goofball, playing with his newly short hair. 🙂

We went to the mall with 2 grandparents and a great grandparent for international grandparents day. Dammie and Richard and Babba all had awesome meals that they totally polished off at the California Pizza Kitchen, and well all had a blast! Sorry that I forgot to take pictures.

These are from on the way out to the car. Kyle Loves Jungle Girasol, it's one of HIS slings. 🙂

Honeycrisp apples are back in season!!!! We cannot buy enough of them 🙂 Here's judah, munching one and chillin in front of a girasol exclusive comparison shot that I took for a thread on The Babywearer. (From L to R, Night rainbow 2, Natural Mammas gira, Green tea, Big sur, and Mint.

Lion got an Airplane from Dammie at the mall, and he has been flying it everywhere ever since sunday. It is so cute!

Ok, and finally to the fluffy mail! Sunset 55% Linen came today and it is very much Brand new in the box! stiff and kinda looks like a shimmery gold , um, potato sack. 🙂 Kyle was in instant love, uh oh. . .

look how it stands straight up out of the box!

It will be a miracle if the beastly thing softens up!


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