They are not supposed to grow up!

Well, at least not soooo fast.  It’s  just too fast.

This morning when I said to Judah "it's time to go!" She grabbed her shoes and purse and came to me for the shoes, then, as soon as they were on, the door. 🙂

Such a little lady!

She is still doing stairs backwards, totally age appropriate. 🙂

Heading right for the car!

We have been playing with Edith and Meaghan more, which is awesome! The kids really get along well, they rarely squabble or power struggle, which is kind of amazing. . .

"Silly Faces" is an awesome first board game. It teaches taking turns, and introduces the kids to a spinner, but you just build faces with colorforms. It's a perfect introduction to the concept of "board game"

Lion is very happy in school, he often asks me about going on Mondays. . . but I am holding on I think untill closer to christmas, unless he insists. Letting him go and do what he wants to do, is so hard. I miss him so much when he is at school, but I love what he learns and makes, and I know he is having fun. He is very focused and happy there.

Ok, Judah has really gotten into jewelry, and she is, a Righteous Baby.

Judah Babbles and "talks" all the time, as well as actually talking quite a bit. She is into repeating everything everyone says, so watch out!

I wore the new sunset wrap after it was washed and dried, before Ann Arbor babywearers on tuesday morning. Well It's different than every wrap ever, especially any didy. It's almost rough, and it's THICK and cushy on the shoulders. Judah snuggled into it in EVERY carry we did all day. A first in a long time, especially on my back.

Our new Minivan is awesome!!!!

Let’s do AABW’ers in it’s own post. . .


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