Ann Arbor Babywearers 9/13

More attempts at breaking in sunset, this time in a double hammock. The babies were calling to Judah though. . .

She was very gentle with Finn

Look who finally came to Joust! Agave with it's shimmery linen is so beautiful on them, don't you think?

Helping out a new member with her beautiful Ellaroo, learning a short Cross Carry, great for winter months!

Lauren is now using back carries regularly 🙂

Saying goodbye to her blue/red whales

Then another Baby arrived! 🙂 She was so excited 🙂

Kara went for her first back carry today!

She did a perfect rucksack carry in Mint Girasol.

We did a beautiful Double hammock in Barb's Orkney, I hope we get him on a visit someday. It wrapped beautifully.

All the big girls were in an arms out kind of mood today. Isn't Orkney beautiful on both sides?

The pattern is a beautiful intricate Maze.

We packed up and had a snack at the same time, while giving Sunset one more workout for the day in Ruck Tied Tibetan.

Lauren looked quite longingly at her Whales while packing up.

Judah loves to snuggle down in the Sunset 55% linen wrap. I thought It would still be too rough for her, but she seems to really like the thickness. I hear it will get softer.


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