Farmers Market Saturday

On Saturday at the farmers market I saw tons of people wearing their little ones in Ergo Baby Carriers 🙂 This awesome family let me take their photo. 🙂

I saw this family in NEED of a carrier 🙂

Then I had an amazing moment when I spotted a Neo Futurist!!!!! Lookie Sharon!

The leaves are changing color. This bush is amazing in a couple more weeks. . . Oh, and I got a back nap!!!! (in Pamir)

I know I look tired, but I'm working hard to get in some extra naps to clear that up. 🙂

Debuting my baby bump. I'm 19 weeks now 🙂

This sweet nap in my pre ec pamir was a perfect experience before going out with kyle and bringing dinner to our friends who are in the hospital with their baby, now recovering from her liver transplant. 🙂

I made a large amount of this soup :

substituting Vegan Cream cheese for the gorganzola. 🙂

For both of our families.   It was Fabulous!  Every time I cook now I make double and freeze some in preparation for winter, and our coming deep freezer in our new Pantry.  (still under construction, insert eye-roll here )


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