High Holidays Wrap up, and fall is here!

and a bit better on the morning sickness front. In case you were wondering.  Also, now I can feel the baby inside me move all the time.  It’s so nice.

Judah has been preferring ringslings over any other carrier lately. We had this special snuggly nap the other day in our Viechenblau Nino, slingafied By Sleeping Baby Productions

Also, made a Home Run New Dinner that night of Greenbeans from our garden cooked with tomatoes from our garden and herbs from the same place 🙂 corn from our farmshare and "Cheesey" potatoes.

The "cheese" was a mixture of Soy butter, Vegan Gourmet Vegan Cream cheese, and this Vegan Gourmet Monterey Jack, A Bit of Chicken Base and a touch of seasalt. Tossed with the boiled potatoes, it was perfect. 🙂

Rave reviews, and no leftovers 🙂

Lion and I have been coloring a lot lately, he is really developing a passion for it.

Then I ran in to this mama at the farmers market on wednesday, loving the new carries she learned on tuesday with her wrap!

Edith and Judah Chanted "Brobee, Brobee!" all the way home from picking her up at The Little Seedling for a playdate. He was a big attraction when we got home.

Kyle is putting the finishing touches on his solar water heater. 🙂 here he is welding. 🙂

It is beautiful. 🙂

After a long day, Judah wrapped to sleep in our "freebirds"

I've been savoring these sweet front snuggles as my belly (and Judah) begin to grow really big.

Friday night for You Kippur Dinner, we went to my parents house and Judah fell asleep on the way into the house in Jade Royal. I feel like she's little again sleeping the wrap so much lately! such a special re-vist to a special time.

Grandma is always a special treat

I feel like I hadn't seen Karen's Flan in a long time. She really is a dessert artist. 🙂

I would just like to say that it is still a bit nerve-wracking to bring my kids to my parents. Just too many unmounted tall glass sculptures. I'm always a bit on edge. . .

Leaving for services. 🙂


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