Sunday visit to Elephant Ears Baby Boutique

I popped in because a client wanted to meet where she could buy a carrier right away, (Very admirable and also like minded) and she was predisposed to one they had in stock there.  This sweet mamma had a story just like Lion and me.  Fussy babe, always wants to be held, devoted parents will find a way. 🙂  I really hope babywearing gets them more rest, and helps them everyday, just like it does for our family.

He was happy in the Olives and Applesauce Carrier that he went into first. He was in the middle setting of the harness which put him at a great height for strap chewing, a sign of being comfortably seated. 🙂

You can see how supportive this carrier is, and how perfectly the body fits the babe. Support goes all the way to the back of his knees and the tops of his shoulder blades, but he can still look around 🙂

Like a good sport, she tried on an ergo for comparison, just to make sure the o&a was the right one. 🙂 It really was going to last this tall growing boy much longer, as you can see from the body coverage, although both carriers were a good fit 🙂

Elephant Ears in Kerrytown Market is my favorite place to go, mostly because all of my favorite food shopping is right nearby. 🙂 Their new space is really beautiful, and full of carriers! look at the Leo Green on the display mamma 🙂 I had removed the demo doll (oops)

I came home to enthusiastic eating. Judah is really mastering eating 🙂

I see this little look on her face often 🙂 Lion is a bit under the weather and we have been taking it easy with him because he really wants to be well for school on wednesday. 🙂


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