Ann Arbor Babywearers 9/21/10, Loving Joust Fitness!

Our new place to meet is so awesome!!!!  The Mall is fun sometimes, but with the kids escaping it lost all of it’s functionality.  In Joust we are safe and enclosed, and it totally changes how much we are able to get done. 🙂

This week, Ann Arbor Babywearers was graced with two new tiny visitors, and their mammas. 🙂

My friends are such good loving experienced mommies. 🙂 this baby was 4 weeks. 🙂

This mamma gained confidence with her super soft beautiful Maya wrap very quickly.

This beautiful babe was 3 weeks I believe. 🙂 no older than 5 for sure.

Both babes were comfy in ringslings in minutes. and both moms looked comfy and more confident too I think. 🙂

Kara and Ryan are working on back carries in her new Petrol Fish, which I think she has decided to trade in for a waves. . . . .

Well anywho, she is becoming a very good wrapper. 🙂

Kalila and Judah showed us that we must make more of an effort to get them together by sharing so well and playing so nicely!

I swear I wore Judah too.  in the kinderpack and my rastamamma ringsling. 🙂


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