week of fun and a bit more summer weather

Finally got grumpy early morning Lion to be wrapped up in the beastly thick new sunset. He was reluctant to be photographed. 🙂

then a bit more compliant. (It really is a hefty wrap great for big kids and experienced wrappers)

I was so happy to be cuddling my big boy before he went off to school.

Later on monday, My Kinderpack arrived (toddler with petite straps) and It is perfect for Judah, who I usually think of as so petite, but it turns out, according to the doctor, is in the 95th percentile for height. (50th for weight in case you were curious)

Tried it with Lion as soon as he got home from school, because he is who I really wanted it for, and it fit.(Check out the belly!)

and it goes have the best fit for him of any ssc I've tried. However I can now see that I need a preschooler one for sure, and how awesome it would be for older disabled children. I really wish there was a way to make them more available in abundance.

Judah attacked us. . .

My days without Lion are much lonelier.  I KNOW he is having so much fun at school, he brings home the most beautiful things he’s made!  He talks so excitedly about friends, and he is sleeping really well.  But we miss his fun energy around the house too.


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