A bit about what we’re eating

I've been trying to show more of our meals, I hope it's helping anyone out there who is trying to be GFCF! I can't imagine ever going back. This meal is a leftover wild rice pilaf from last weeks holiday, and "cheesy" broccoli and franks 'n beans, which are always Huge hit at our table. 🙂

Handsome Kyle playing with his new RC car from Pappa

While they were all outside enjoying the car, I made a mild minestrone type chili out of our farmshare + our garden + a can of tomato Paste and some chicken base, oh , and some meat of your choice if you wish! I took 1/2 of the finished product out right away and froze it to save myself cooking on a later day, maybe even when the baby comes.

Lion is becoming really passionate about painting, and for a kid who never really took to coloring until last week, it's been a surprise for us. 🙂 He adores it and used up the first watercolor set we got already, painting thomas trains. 🙂

This is one of Lion's favorite snacks, GFCF pretzels and peanut butter and jelly

Judah is now on to running and pushing toys and everything in between. Playing "grocery shopping" in the pantry is one of her favorite games I still need to capture

Kyle noticed that the Sacagewea Dollar Coin had a beautiful babywearing picture on it, and he revealed to me he has been collecting them. I really think that they are so beautiful. The baby is so happy!


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