Ann Arbor Babywearers 9/28/10

Lauren was on a trip this week so I had to rush to Joust and try to be early, which I failed at. 🙂  One Awesome new member beat me and was waiting thankfully inside  🙂  and forgave me.

Meaghan brought Edith and Kalila, and they were the first to put their babies on for the day while we all introduced ourselves.

Kalila in Red silk Vogels

Zara's make an amazing wrap for double layered back carries. This mamma is really getting good at wrapping eh?

Lots of mammas came from far away that day, and Santiago really put on a show! Christa's new chest belt style was awesome to see too!

Cute in Rosalinde!

Mira was looking right at me!

Marigold was beautiful with a purple shimmer up close. 🙂

Snack break for the new babies

And the big girls had snacktime too

Love this little Mamma! Snackin' on the go!

These two mammas were comparing the 2 Didy 50% linen's that they had. We all love the geeky wrap talk, but these ladies most of all today. 🙂

Happy-Sleepy boy in Jade Deli le.

This new mamma is really doing well with her moby. We had so much fun getting to know each other.

Barb illustrating to me how different 2 wraps of similar colors can be, and totally trying to talk me into buying a Zara Deli le. . . .

The Buzz online indicates that next week’s meeting will be Very big and Special with many mammas coming from out of town.  I can’t wait, because Lauren will be back from California, and hopefully I can snag Meaghan and Gillian too!


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