Market, Miracles and a Birthday Celebration.

Judah fell asleep on the way to the farmers market Wednesday and slept through aback ride all the way through the Market.

Lion wanted to wear his dog like I was wearing Judah, but I had not a thing to wrap him in! After many minutes of brainstorming I pulled out Judah's tights and made a Pod out of them. It worked so well!

You would not believe how many comments we got.

We went out to babba's favorite chinese restaurant on Wednesday night to start celebrating Kyle's birthday.

I know this is blurry, but it shows just how often my children imitate including their "babies" in their regular activites. 🙂

I was going to stay home and relax with Judah all day Thursday  preparing Kyle’s very small birthday celebration, but the Universe had other plans, and my friend called me to the hospital to do Reiki on her daughter.

Lucy seems to be steadily recovering from her liver transplant.  I knew she was slowly weaning off of sedation and eating mammas milk again.  Still I was not prepared for how big of a difference there would be in Lucy from my last visit.  Just look.  As I arrived Lucy was being changed after one of her bitty belly eruptions, and the nurse tickled her:

She is also grabbing and playing with toys, I mean the alert happiness was amazing!!!!!

We did a short happy session that Lucy really relaxed for, but smiled the whole time and motioned for hugging and picking up occasionally.

Smiling at Daddy with a stuffed pig after the session! It was the most amazing miracle to my eyes.

A few very special friends and family stopped by for our little celebration for Kyle's 30th.

Swinging fun!

We ordered an amazing special cake from the gluten free bakery Tasty Bakery who sets up at the farmers market almost every wednesday and saturday. and Jan who owns our favorite toy store Mudpuddles gifted kyle candles that sparkled and look like sticks of dynamite. 🙂

Happy 30th Birthday Kyle!!!

It really was a satisfying day 🙂

Happy girls with Jewelery, Judah is signing "beautiful" in this picture!

A birthday hug for the best daddy in the world.

Then she brought in Brobee for a goodnight hug. 🙂


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