ann arbor babywearers 10-4-10

Somebody is growing! Can you believe that's Camillia!

Finn too!

Judah slept through this whole meeting in Felice shorty in a Ruck Tied under bum. I moved my hood for this shot ad then my camera battery died. There are not so many more pictures because of this. . . . 😦

Beautiful Jade Yonder

Barb always has a visiting wrap, and this week was no exception. This is the funky pfau, very thin and smooth. 🙂

Barb and Mira in the Red Pfau, now on the way to the Ukraine to visit a dear online friend who loves to wrap too. I can't wait to hear it's arrived safely and see pictures of her using it!

Lauren has decided to love wool, and here is her vacation plunder, Red wool vogels. 🙂

Christina liked sunset, and I think she is looking forward to her moss and azur anxiously. 🙂

Judah is making a habit of napping early on my back.  It’s been a wonderful way to enjoy my little girl before the new baby shows up.


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