Beautiful days

Wow.  the weather has been so nice and we have been so busy that I have barely had time to write!  I love this blog though, and fear not, it will continue!

Friday I had the pleasure of having lunch with my dear wrapping friend again.


and both of her beautiful daughters. I love Kang's Korean Kitchen!!!



Happy Finn in Girasol Amitola from Slingomamma



This is one fun mamma!



Fell asleep on the walk after. 🙂



Judah fell asleep in the car, and this silk indio kept her asleep for a very peaceful lunch.



Judah has not been wanting to be wrapped unless she is already asleep. She will tolerate a ringsling, but I am getting a bit big for much of a front carry, or even really much of a hip carry! so this has been much more common around our house lately. This is Big Sur Girasol, one of our first wrap-slings.



she was super sleepy



i still love wearing her, even at 21 weeks.



this one last one, to show off beautiful big sur



Sunday was time for a trip to pick pumpkins at Wing farm near our house.



saying hi to us all from on top of the wood chip pile



Puppies were an unexpected attraction



It was a beautiful 84 degree fall day 🙂



Kyle wrapped up Judah in Goldfish for our hayride to the pumpkin patch



we ran into a wonderful family of friends. 🙂



their little one is only 7 days younger than Judah!



Lion and Pappa stuck together and had fun



My dad was really having fun!



Lion picked and carried his own pumpkin all the way to the tractor.



He was very proud of his accomplishment



Nana tickling Lion by our picked pumpkins



finally happy 🙂



Here's my pumpkin Belly!



Love this Pic of Goldfish. Kyle loves to wrap wrong side out.



Loading the car was fun with this cool cart!



Later that evening we went on a date and stopped at this beautiful park by our house and took pictures of eachother. I really miss the leaves when they fall, but the colors on the way out are amazing.



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