On Mondays, Lion is home with us!

No school for the big boy today, and I’m gonna keep it that way as long as possible. 🙂


This morning was "lets try on costumes" morning!



There is lots of talk of what to be for halloween, especially at school, where his best friend wants to be a ballerina, so he plays with the idea himself. Here he is as a pirate. 🙂



Then a butterfly. . .



I love Lion's colorful personality. 🙂



This little ladybug is pretending to be her brother, holding onto his school backpack and trying to leave out he front door. 🙂



She seemed really sleepy, so I tried wrapping her up in Agate (so happy this is back) But no luck. Great cuddles though. 🙂 this wrap is amazing. 🙂



Playing at Papa's house while mommy has meetings inside about how to further the cause of babywearing in our community and country. 🙂



Kyle proudly surveying the wagon of fun he has made for the kids to go play outside with him. He was stoked to wear Max in pamir



such super dudes!



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