A really hard long goodbye


Our babysitters are really doing an amazing job of learning our parenting values. On a side note, Judah has rtaken to storing food in her mouth during this illness and not swallowing it and eventually spitting it out in a nasty mess. Our babysitter and this wrap (Goldfish) were the second victims in what turns out to be a string of assaults. I think her throat hurt, and she was avoiding swallowing. As the teething has subsided this behaivior has stopped. (for now and please forever)

Ok I know this is blurry. But we were in a flurry of activity as people flooded Mark and Meaghans apartment to help them pack and move to Minnesota. I sported the borrowed Nino. 🙂 thanks Lauren. 🙂

Kyle said it really well on the way there, something like: “Helping your Best friends pack and move is like being a wolf caught in a trap.  You know you have to chew your foot off to escape and survive, but you would really like to find another way, and it’s pure agony the whole time. ”  So So true.

Everybody is so sad to see this wonderful family go so far away.

Tons of wearing there. What else would you expect? 🙂

The Biking Trio will become a duo. 😦

Thes 3 families are a real perfect fit. I expect to see this shot again in the future (plus a few more little ones. for sure 🙂 )

Ok and since we are Gluttons for punishment, we stopped by to help with the last of the moving and have one more visit before Meaghan and Edith took off for Minnesota.

All of our beautiful children, don't really understand what moving away means, and that makes this all harder.

Hight fives all around

And hugs 😦


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