Ann Arbor Babywearers 10/12/10

Look at the handsome Preschooler!

Ok, I fought to keep judah from sleeping on my back so I could play with wraps this time. First on my ever growing wrap agenda, a pamir comparison to Lauren's Egyptian Cotton to my pre EC. Here we are with Finn. :)!

Babywearing really encourages a baby to check you out intensely, to the best of their abilities, and Finn was no exception

Then I popped in one of our newest members, Leia, a 11 wk old twin. 🙂

Then Barb's turn in my natty linen

I am now striving to Front Wrap Cross Carry like Barb, which is cool, since I taught her to wrap!

Lauren's new Rocky Rosa from Rbd Mamma on The Babywearer is soooo beautiful!!!

Stephanie and Wendy came from far away (sorta) and graced us with their presence! Lena was Teff's new love. 🙂

Peek-a-boo Travis, in Pamir. 🙂 Like press and seal, forever. 🙂

It was a big meeting today!

A new member with twins came, and my dear friend from my old job too!

Helping each other make it work is what it's all about. 🙂

Lauren is a crack up in Teff's Pfau

Yay Joy! I sent her home with mint, hopefully she will love wrapping and come back for more 🙂

Teaching back slinging, because we have been doing it so much lately.

The wrap swing was the biggest coolest addition, and I don't think any future meeting will be without one 🙂

Then 4 of us went back to my house for a continued wrap geekout.

Zara Aubergine, look how big Camillia is!

Wendy looked great in Jade royal, travis was so compliant!

Steph fell in love with K/Z cotton. Not right away, but she has since confirmed total lasting love of her first indio. We will see how long it lasts.

I've been pushing Jade's on my friends lately. I wish they would release more colorways!

I kept a Choco Nino and Teff's Clouds and sent a few wraps away on Temp trade to satisfy all of our curiosities. 🙂

This wrap is as thick and soft as it is reported to be 🙂 Look at Judah's beautiful Lips!!

Clouds at the farm market the next morning 🙂

Then our Tussah Silk Nino for a lunch with Babba and Nanna and a walk through the mall. I love the softness of this wrap/ Maybe it's just nino's.

Had meaghan and Edith over to test out the new playroom. here she is wearing grover in a play carrier. I can't believe they are moving away.

Judah woke up icky and teething thurday and we spent lots of time cuddling in Natty Linen. Barb has been raving about this wrap since tuesday, and It does make it feel even more special. 🙂

Judah is in a bit of distress, and that’s why this post is delayed and long.  she has been sleepless for a few nights and very agitated.  It is getting better though, I bet soon she will be back to her old self.


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