A Practice Halloween at the Nursing Home

Even though Judah is becoming agreeable to wrapping again occasionally, she still will choose a ringsling if she can.

A ringsling has an infinitely adjustable seat, and can hold any size baby!

One more shot, because Judah will be 19 months soon and is so independant, I feel our wearing time getting shorter and shorter. 😦

Here are my happy super heros on the way up to trick or treat in the nursing home where Baba Lives 🙂

Her pretty wings didn't last long, but she loved the skirt. 🙂

Baba was dressed up too!

All the kids who were there, all dressed up. 🙂

coloring and eating candy 🙂

It was a wonderful but late evening, and the kids were tired after.  But it was so worth it!

On Friday I included Baba in our normal errands after I picked up my Missing camera from her nursing home. 🙂  We wore our Cabo old weave girasol, freshly ours, from Gillian and Kalila.

as my pregnancy progresses, it gets harder to sleep well. The kids are really solid though. At least we know my insomnia has a definitive end 🙂


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