The Funky Fiber Festival and Friends day for mommmy and daddy!!

This was the most amazing felt artist I have ever seen. 🙂 her hats were stories, the more you looked at them the more you fell in love.

I loved these!!!!! A brilliant timeless costume/piece of art.

They were amazingly lightweight and comfy, just wild!

Seriously wearable art. 🙂

Felted Horns. 🙂

There was all kinds of Angora Bunny Geekery at the fiber festival.   Lots of people had their Bunnies with them in their booths and I even snagged this pic. of a woman “shearing” her bunny  happily in her lap.

I even met a woman who raised angora bunnies. I loved the feel of her bunny's fur so much, that I bought some yarn from her and am making an amazing hat for the new baby.

The bunny I fell in love with was an oatmeal brown color, and so sweet. 🙂 (not pictured)

Then Kyle and I fit in many house chores before an amazing lunch at Kang’s Korean Kitchen, with 2 sets of dear friends.

Of course I only took pictures of the wrapping portion of the afternoon. 🙂

Blood Orange Hemp Honeywrap, out on the town with my beloved Goddaughter, and her handsome daddy. 🙂

Babies are goofy and fun. Babywearing really lets you in on so much more of that!


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