Ann Arbor Babywearers 10/26/10

It was an amazing wearing day.  Do in large part to the Tussah Silk Fish. Judah jumped right into them, for the first time in a long time it was not a struggle to wrap her.

Ellaroo Larae, baby 8 weeks old and sweetly sleeping.

This sweet new mamma was so excited to get on a more supportive wrap than her Wrapsody BBB. A great wrap mind you, but her baby is getting big. He is 22 ish weeks.

Thanks Finn, you are still my homegirl. Even though you yuked on the only handwash wrap I own 🙂

This mamma had lots of experience, she was just ready to step up in supportiveness. She compaed Neobulle wraps to Girasol at this meeting.

She was really surprised at the step up in comfort, Old weave Girasols really are amazing.

Afterwords we met Sandy and Daddy at The Earthen Jar for Super-Yummy-Vegan-Indian-Buffet-Lunch. 🙂

She seriously has a crush on this wrap (or maybe thats me. . .)

Sandy and Camillia in their beautiful Cobalt-Rouge Indio

My goofy Wraprider in her brother's hat. 🙂

One Racked out Rolly Polly Baby

And even more fish snuggles!

This wrap is the most moldable wrap I own, next to my pamir. Moldable is a wrapping quality I am always on the hunt for.

Depending on how I'm feeling, I can still wrap her on the front, right on top of the growing baby. 🙂 Plenty of cushion between the two, and Judah is so tiny compared to Lion at this age. 🙂

We had a late night Tuesday due to Judah’s late afternoon nap.  Up side?  More babywearing!

Didymos Viechenblau Nino Ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions

After work snuggles are so important to Daddy

On an Up late whim, and riding on the excitement of the Red Pfau Arriving In the Ukraine, Kyle Joined!! (my online wearing community)! I have never been so excited. 🙂

Mamma's Turn in the Nino! The Nino Lady is teh symbol of Didymos, the company that makes some of the woven wraps I collect.


This has really been very comfy for both of us. The more I see it, the more I can see why she has been asking for it lately.

High Five daddy!! (Yes Judah is naked in there, for those with inquiring minds)

The anticipation is overwhelming sometimes.


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