Exclusive Girasol Geek Out!

These are the exclusive girasols that are living in my personal stash right now. Top Down: Dream Castana Weft old weave, Felice, Night Rainbow2 Night Rainbow 1, Amitola, Rastamamma, Green Tea green weft old weave, Cabo Girasol old weave.

4 of the 7 ringsling colorways, Big Sur, Mammi Rainbow grey weft with fringe, Natural Mammas Girasol, and Earthy Rainbow with fringe on the bottom. Missing are Moor, Jungle with fringe, and Rastamamma. 🙂

I am still feeling so honored and amazed every time I visit Exclusivegirasol.blogspot.com.  I am so flattered to be a featured babywearer and teacher!

Because Close at hand babywearing service has been so busy lately, I brought Green Tea Girasol to visit my client, with her sweet preemie boy yesterday.

A dedicated mamma if I ever saw one. This little guy is 4 weeks old and 6 lbs. We worked pretty much exclusively in the Kangaroo front carry, optimal for tiny babies.

I met up with Sandy and Camillia and swapped out Hemp Indio for this Rastamamma Girasol, which they TOTALLY ROCKED!

Sweet Cheeks

Kyle wore Judah down to sleep in Jungle Girasol ringsling, which reminds me, it must still be in bed. 🙂


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