A chilly day at Joust

Barb! Fish look great on you!

This mamma officially taught someone how to wrap today! Mastering a few carries is so easy, and I had alot of positive feedback today from new moms and members.

This new mamma was a pleasure to help, and said she'd never been so comfy when we were done!

This mamma has been rockin a longer wrap for her babies whole life so far, and is experimenting with shorties. Jade deli is an amazing shorty! Grippy and it holds a knot like iron.

Super Mom!

I tried to make a ringsling Back carry video with my anna storchenweige. It came out terrible! Later attempts were successful, as you will see!

This mamma was wearing her daughter in a baby bjorn in and out of group today. But I think we have a convert. 🙂

Night Rainbow 1. My first rainbow wrap.

Having new moms at every meeting is really reassuring.  I want to get the word out even more.  Joust is big enough for sure!  They forgot to turn the heat on  today though, so I hope people come back and don’t think it’s always so chilly.


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