A week of changes

This is Baby Simone. She and her parents just moved in with us, and we will be seeing alot more wrapping over the next 3 months because of her! Zara Earth, is amazing. 🙂

Also, my Natibaby bamboo linen blend dandilions wrap showed up, and was very different than my bamboo linen pearl weave that I had for judah when she was a baby. It's so much thicker. This will be perfect for my new babe in february!

These 2 beautiful sisters graced my home with their presence and knowledge, for a fun Thursday playdate. They really enjoyed our Ketubah that hangs in our front room, our Marriage contract, which Kyle and I read often together and enjoy.

This picture says: I LOVE my auntie!

Trying different brands of wraps is the only way to know why each is so different and worth having. 🙂 these mamas discovered Ellevill today, Zaras and pictured here a Jade, after experimenting with didymos and girasol and storchenweige in their own stashes.

The girls, playing that the wraps are a bed 🙂

Kyle and I both have a soft spot for our friends little boy. Kyle stopped home at the end of this playdate, just to see him. 🙂 ok and us. 🙂

These first few days with a new family in our home have been great.  Less work, more company, and the hope of kyle having more time with the new baby, all loom ahead!


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