Mothers Group of St. John’s Parish in Davidson, MI. Our Big TV Break!

That's right! This is me and The NBC Local Lady trying to get a microphone into a double hammock!

I wore my friends baby in my violet white indio, because he was bound to be more mainstream looking than me wearing a writhing 23 lb toddler. 🙂

I talked about everything I could fit in. Positioning, safety, closeness. I wish I could remember it better, but adrenaline makes things fuzzy, just like pregnancy.

I could tell she was partial to the idea, and totally interested, but skeptical that it would work for her and her toddler.

Like an awesome journalist she jumped right in, and didn't give up.

I picked out a wrap conversion Octi Mei Tai because I thought it wouldn't due to have but poppage on tv 🙂 her babe calmed down and loved it.

I did a bit of tandem wearing for the camera, and for judah's sake. She fell asleep and we had to get Tadgh off from under her!

We didn't get a good pic, but this shows the logistics of it 🙂

There were lots of interested mammas with little babies.

And alot of women with big kids who really wanted up!

They were so excited!

These 2 couldn't have been happier. 🙂

Wendy fell in Love with Toscana Ellipsen. It is yummy to wrap with and totally her color teal. 🙂

Lauren came with me and was such a huge help and awesome wrapping teacher and babywearing advocate.

By the end of the interview, she was total convert!

Thanks to Stephanie who made this all possible. You rock Teffer, and you are an amazing babywearing educator and advocate too!

Here she is teaching a mamma her first double hammock


With Wild Success!

We also did alot of temp trading of wraps with our Genesee county friends for our own amusement. This is Lauren in Zara Coffee. 🙂

There was also a woman there talking about cloth diapering products. Mandi from did a wonderful job explaining all the awesome new stuff out there for cloth diapering our little ones.

She was wearing her baby in Natibaby Green Greece with Wool while being interviewed. It was so cool!

Judah is not a huge fan of me wearing other babies. This is Finn in Night Rainbow Girasol 2nd release

Wendy communicating on her phone with her hubby in an amazing wrap job in the new didymos Teviot with wool.

Look at this perfect sleeping Trav in a double hammock! He's adorable!

Steph. tried a ringsling even though she was skeptical, and loved my backcarry technique.

It's very supportive and offers lots of coverage for any size baby or toddler. It has the perfect seat every time!

This mamma was super happy to try all different kinds of wraps, and you can see here my new banner! It was a really cool set up.

This super sweet happy 3 month old just melted my heart!

Over all, this could be a really amazing thing for Close at Hand Babywearing Service, and for Babywearing in General!  Thanks again to the Davidson St. John’s church mothers group for having me out, and for promoting babywearing as safe and normal and wonderful!!!  I will link to the News story if it ever airs.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?


5 thoughts on “Mothers Group of St. John’s Parish in Davidson, MI. Our Big TV Break!

  1. i am so glad i was able to see you. we are loving the toddler mei tei, thanks for letting me borrow. i was tandem wearing at the zoo yesterday with ethan in that one. oh, love the pic of tristan here. 😉

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