Pfew! Some Catch up pics.

Baby Simone in Tussah Silk nino wrapped cotton side out.

Sorry to have needed a break from blogging.   You would not believe how busy Close at Hand Babywearing Service is!  Also, new roommates and Lion’s behaivor have kept us on our toes and constantly adjusting to new things.  We are still very happy and doing a lot of wearing though!

Judah and Sary on a fall walk in Green Wool Fish. Judah is really getting so big, but she has gotten back in to being wrapped anyway!

Last weekend saw a visit to Uncle Kirk and Aunt Melissa's house.

My sweet niece is growing up!

Baby Simone in Linen Goldfish while I clean the kitchen. I can't wait to have a little baby to wrap!

"mooor peeeease"

Judah went through a strange thing this week where she skipped naps and then passed out at 5:30 and slept 14 hours, 3 days in a row.

We had a very special Ann Arbor babywearers this week, lots of new members, returning members and a special surprise visitor from far away, Wowthird, my online friend from The came up from Ohio. 🙂 (To Try Lauren's Pamir)

This little chunky baby is still only 11 weeks old! Iris Didymos in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

This mamma really connected with an Olives and Applesauce Carrier. The awesom infant harness in this carrier makes proper positioning possible. 🙂

Lauren and Rosie Sitting in a Tree. . . W-r-a-p-p-i-n-g! 🙂 Thanks to Sandy, Lauren has ANOTHER ISO! (translation: Wrap that she wants. 🙂 )

The group's shorty, Claudia Jean Girasol, saw some action. This simple carry is called and Rucksack Carry Tied under the Bum 🙂 or RUB.

It's one Judah and I love and use very often.

It's a simple and beautiful carry for a calm willing wrappee.

It was so great to see people come to the new location for the first time. It's great to know so many moms I saw a while ago are going off on their own and continuing wrapping.

Sandy's Magic Zink

Camillia is getting so big!!!

I think Jades are wonderful short wraps for single layer carries. This one is Jade Deli LE

Once she was asleep I re-wrapped her in our new 2007 fall release pamir. I will just have to comment later in it's own post some other day. There are no words right now, our love is so fresh. 🙂

Pamir again the next morning through the Farmers Market

Wednesday I went to the Nursing Cafe and Support Group at The Indigo Forest. I had a wonderful experience getting support. I am concerned Judah is Weaning. 😦 and have since this discovered that my breastmilk is turned to colostrum (clear, i.e. not milk 😦 ) I guess it's good for the new baby though 🙂

Thursday we attended our old playgroup Parenting Arts, for the first time in a long time. Judah slept through the entire thing in Kobalt-Zimpt cotton Indio on my back in a reenforced ruck.

I LOVE this indio. It actually has three colors of threads instead of the usual 2, giving it so much depth.

At parenting arts, it's so cool, it's a given, all parents are babywearers.


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