Winding Down (well at least for me)

I have been all jazzed up since Friday’s fun day in Davidson.

After Davidson, Lauren and I picked up her daughter at school and came back to my house, where Mazzy wore her sister Finn for the first time!

I happen to think Old weave Girasols are perfect for sibling wearing. (See Sage and Kalila last late winter in Polka (I'll find the link. . .))

Wearing your sibling is a much safer more secure way of holding them, especially when you are 7 years old 🙂

Serious Sister bonding in Peacock Girasol.

It really feels great to keep working.  Business for Close at Hand Babywearing Service is really picking up.

Saturday’s client was an older first time mom, with a chunky baby and a bad back. I totally had my camera, but didn’t take many pictures.   She stressed simple, and had been struggling with a Moby Wrap and a Balboa Sling, which she had been making work for her for these 5 months.  I brought a variety of wraps, but mostly carriers, and I predicted with her lower back pain, and wearing style, that she would choose the Napsack Mei Tai.  The hourglass shaped straps provide optimal upper back weight distribution.  We had fun taking her sweet boy in and out of every carrier that I brought, he was happy in all of them, chewing away on all the straps.  This mamma was so devoted to finding something to work for her and her baby, and really taught me alot about how complex even some babywearing concepts that have become wrote memory to me, are really a matter of practice, and the “want” or “need” too.  She did check the Napsack out of the library, and the Olives and Applesauce carrier to compare to it, for good measure.  I really hope one starts to clearly give her success, they were anxious to be close, and he was a big 5 month old.

Around the house, Simone is the most worn baby by far.  Sarah’s Girasol Spring is here (her very first woven wrap)  and they are doing amazing!!!

It's a vibrant beautiful colorway. Like rain, and clouds with sun behind them.

She even took a snooze on her mammas back. 🙂

I swear I took it easy on Sunday though.  This baby in my belly is starting to demand it!


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