Taking it Easy

Considering my last posts, none of this should be surprising I guess.  I was taking it easy at home last week with some contractions and lots of baby activity on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week,  I guess this mama is a bit over stretched physically, and the little one demands I slow down.  Thursday and Friday I felt much better, and Saturday I have been back to normal.

Wrapping is a tool of the daddy trade in this house. Kyle tried our new winter weight 2007 pamir the other night to put Judah to sleep.

In case you are wondering, Kyle wraps himself.

Kyle did some extra wearing because I was not supposed to. Fire Fish is an awesome daddy wrap!

Hight five on the wrap job daddy!

My friends came by with fluffy mail to share! Lauren and I won a Vintage Red Pfau on German ebay which showed up last week 🙂 It is so soft and amazing.

When I did go out finally on thursday, it was to see these beautiful ladies, in a stripped ficus linen indio.

babywearing coats are going to be hiding our beautiful wraps for a whole season!!

Under here is my beautiful zara aubergine. But at least she's nice and snuggly!

More frequent entries, I promise!  Plus, I’m so excited to see if we got on tv!!!


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