Finally Back to Work!

I LOVE my job.  I don’t think I could say that enough.  Friday I saw a client at The Little Seedling, and finally matched her happily, after much experimenting, with a Boba Carrier.  Pictures are trapped on my phone for now, but I will add them for sure!

Monday I drove down to a repeat client with a sweet little preemie boy, who is mastering wrapping.

(see past entry here: )

This mamma-baby pair is dealing with a lot of challenges, and skating through it beautifully.  Learning to nurse, wear, and just get through the day is a big challenge for a new mom-baby pair.  No matter how many children you have, each one is totally different.

This little guy has a condition called Torticollis.  A condition which is totally correctable through chiropractics and cranial sacral work, but it can cause some bumps in the road as a baby gets started in life.  Essentially the infant prefers to lean its head to one side creating spine positioning problems, nursing problems, among other things.  If not treated this condition manifests later as Colic, fussy-ness, sleep issues, having a preference for one breast, or inability to nurse well because of being uncomfortable in the held position, and later on: learning disabilities, and verbal apraxia, among other things.

This little one most likely has Torticollis from lying in the womb a certain way to accomadate his living conditions (such a smart little guy). Some babies get it from having cord around their neck, and vaginally born babies (not this guy) can get it on their trip through the birth canal.  One side effect is that proper positoning in a carrier is uncomfortable for this kind of baby, and his body seeks out the position it is used to assuming.

Here he is as properly positioned as he will allow, even in his sleep. He wakes uncomfortable, and was not happy at me every time I corrected his positioning. 🙂 Little guy is STRONG. 🙂

Here is the positioning that he prefers. For now. 🙂

Chiropractics sets it right (or cranial sacral) and I expect this guy to be comfy in the proper position in no time.  He has the most dedicated mamma. (in a beautiful silk indio) 

When I'm teaching wrapping. I try to emphasize that one of the greatest advantages to using a wrap, is that it has as much support to offer you as it does the baby. Your comfort should be of utmost importance as well. It makes for more happy wearing for both, and really feels great. Almost like a hug!

Update on those 2 in a few weeks!

After this meeting came another fabulous Thai lunch (see previous entry) with my sweet friend and my sweet goddaughter.

We talked alot about hip carries and ringslings. This is a scrap of my very first german style woven wrap, Anna, by Storchenweige

Wild success and cuddles!

I am food shopping a lot and getting ready for Thanksgiving in a flurry now.  I am excited for my cousin to come to town, and sad that my sister will not make it this year.   Ann Arbor Babywearers later today is going to be so exciting!  Because I missed last week, I feel like it’s been forever since I saw my posse!  Pictures to come, you can all be sure!


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