Weekend Visitors!

Friday night both of our children went to Dommy’s house in Howell, and spent the night.  Kyle and I went to dinner and Harry Potter 7.  We had such an amazing time together just the two of us, and knowing that the kids were happy and having fun was a big part of it.  The movie was wonderful, and I told Kyle the second half (yet to be released) all the way home.  We have only one or two more nights like these before the new baby joins our circle, and I must say I am looking forward to them very much.  Almost as much as our third child, almost here.

Saturday morning we woke up early, despite having no children in the house, and went to the Washtenaw Raceway for the practice hours at Kyle's Remote Control Race Club. Racing takes all day, but there are free driving times in the the morning, and it was so fun to be there and see kyle doing his thing. 🙂

There is the drivers stand. The members of this club are really devoted to maintaining the track through the weeks, and are a close group. (for men 🙂 )

Here's a shot of the whole track from the stands. 🙂

Then we went to Zingermans Deli to meet up with my parents and grandmother for an awesome lunch. We see many babywearers around town, and this mamma was sporting a peekaroo babywearing vest, to her and her babies immense comfort and delight. 🙂

Sandy and Greg came over with Camillia for dinner and to give Kyle a holiday hair trim. Greg wore Camillia through dinner and then to sleep in their new Snow rainbow girasol.

Sandy was thrilled to be hands free for dinner, and then totally evened up my chop job on Kyle's hair

The kids came home in the middle of dinner, and we all had a beautiful evening in our home.  Sunday was fun and full of working on my office/studio downstairs.  I really hope to make a piece of jewelry again before the baby is born.


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