Back to Babywearers! It felt like an eternity!

Even though I only missed one week!

Barb Doing a double hammock with an audiance

Mira having fun in Tussah Silk Nino

Look at all of these babywearing mammas!

My colorgrown Green cotton indio got alot of attention

Short Cross Carry

Lauren, Barb, Sandy and I compared new pfaus and many pamirs

Oh man, the Pamir fever is heavy!

This awesome twin mamma and another brand new mamma, learned to finally be comfy in their moby wraps with their little girls.

Beautiful Identical twin girls. this is a ringsling over her mobywrap. 🙂 Two very happy babies and one very happy mamma.

I cannot stress how much the comfort of the wearer is as important as the comfort of the baby.

Judah had an absolute fit every time I picked up, held, or helped with another baby. SIGH. This yummy 3 week old in my night rainbow shorty was heaven. Double sigh.

Lauren's new pfauen were the hit of the meeting. (wrap wise. I'm pretty sure the 3 new baby girls stole the show over all) 🙂

Sandy, getting some front snuggle time in Leo Marine.

A second beautiful Ardent Girasol (Russian Exclusive) has entered the group circle. I love how striped/rainbow wraps give such a different look depending on which side you wrap "up".

I got to pop one of the twins in a ringsling over my Double hammock carry for Judah, while mamma experimented with back wearing.

Twin Sister, and an Olives and Applesauce Carrier in the background.

Surely a success for a first attempt.

Judah gave me the pleasure of falling asleep in our new amsterdam hoppaditz. This is one comfy wrap!

I stayed after to watch lauren teach a kettlebell class. In her new burgund pfau. I was beyond freekin' impressed.

Safe and happy with mama the whole time.

Yes, this is actually a real working mom, at work, rockin' out pushups, with her baby on her back.

Then we headed to the mall to meet up with Lauren and some other ladies for lunch and more wrap talk. I love how on tuesdays the babywearing geekery never ends!

My heart practically bursts as I look at this picture. All this beautiful wearing. All of these happy held babies. 🙂

Wednesday morning I wore Judah in the colorgrown green indio again. We are loving that wrap. It is just perfect for snuggles with a big girl. Here is Sary doing some caregiver wearing. She took Judah on a walk in Zara Earth and said she was asleep before she left sight of the house.

Spent yesterday cooking and getting ready for our Thanksgiving marathon.  First Morses, then Greenes.  I am so excited to see my cousin Shoshana!


4 thoughts on “Back to Babywearers! It felt like an eternity!

  1. Great photos! Could you pls tell me what type of wrap it is where the mum of the twins has her on her back? It’s blue with white on it. Thanks heaps, Rhiannon

  2. Thanks heaps for that, I thought I looked like a wrapsody. Just wanting your oppinion: I want to do back carriers with my LO who is now 8mnths old. Out of the wrapsody Strtech and Breeze what is better for this? Is it right that stretch wraps aren’t recommended for back carries. Oh, Im in Australia, otherwise I would come to your baby wearing meet!!!!

    • I would go with the stretch actually, but only with this particular manufacturer. I really find the breeze less soft and comfy on the shoulders, and the stretch of the wrapsody wraps is only rail to rail, not from end to end of the wrap. Because of this, a heavy baby can’t sag, and the rails can actually be tightened like a german style woven. It’s hard to type, if only I could show you!! do you SKYPE?

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