Saturday Babywearers at The Indigo Forest

First as a group, we did the kangroo hip carry and the robins hip carry, talking about hip carries in general. This is the Kangaroo Hip Carry

Kyle and Lion built a really cool train track. It was very impressive.

this mama-to-be came and learned with our new doll. She was 5 months along, and liked the look of wrapping after giving it a try.

She also loved the feel of my silk indio. 🙂 Kyle is such a great teacher. Nikki (in the foreground) totally agrees!

sweet nap in a colorgrown brown indio. 🙂

Greg went for the big back wrap on Saturday!

He totally Rocked It!

the guys, walking around and soothing the girls.

Amsterdam Hoppaditz and Peacock Girasol (on Judah and Kyle)

After lunch we had a little haircut party and sandy modeled her new Snow Rainbow Girasol

Looking around while mommy works.

She slept most of the cut.

Wrapping makes being a working mom and an attached parent possible. Sandy just makes it look cool all on her own.


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