Getting your children dressed in the morning and out the door is a major challenge.

I wanna wear daddies shoes today!

Where's Judah?

There she is!!

On Thanksgiving we visit both sets of grandparents.  We are so grateful to have them both so close.  First, Kyles family, for the afternoon.   Football, fun, and an amazing turkey dinner at halftime.

bit of a smudge on the lens of the camera, but here we all are!

Just the girls, kickin' it in our vintage red pfau. 🙂

Dommy and Katherine and Judah. Looking beautiful! These girls are so sweet natured.

Ask in the boys and your asking for trouble. 🙂

The kids napped the whole way between dinner locations, and woke up happy to eat and play again.

My cousin came in from California and we all enjoyed her so much. But especially my Grandmother.

She is a rockin cool person, and lucky enough, occasionally runs into my sister and Logan in LA! Hollywood is smaller than I thought I guess.

I am so grateful for all of the fun family closeness that we had this year at Thanksgiving.  Thanks for sharing our journey everyone!  Being a family is the most amazing journey I’ve yet been on.  Blogging about family life, I hope, is helping me to find more blessings in my life, and in the world.


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