A bit more Wrapping than usual

Friday was a wonderful day.  I scooped Judah up in a wrap as she was coming down the stairs, and she willingly cuddled while I made pancakes .

I was pretty excited about wrapping my big girl. She felt weightless in thick Petrol-ecru Fish by Didymos.

I took her down right before putting the first pancake on the griddle. She is so tall now, she could have kicked the pan! So not so much wearing and cooking going around here, just wearing and prepping. 🙂

To top off our cuddly day, we had a sloppy wrap job in Pamir, met with wild success. The baby in my belly let me wear her 20 mins passed out before insisting I put her in bed. 🙂 It is so funny to feel the one baby kick the other. 🙂

I've been playing with a new way to fold, display and store my wraps. It's my favorite form of nesting apparantly, because I can't stop obsessing.

Especially since Lila-Azzuro got here. (third from the Left)

Saturday was a Remote Control Car racing day at the Washtenaw Raceway in Saline, MI. Kyle always takes the kids and spends most of the day there. Here is Kyle on the drivers stand in Natty Linen Indio.

Here is the track and the drivers stand. Kyle and Lion enter multiple races with multiple cars, and for Lions races they drive together, Lion throttles while Kyle steers.

Kyle has to clean and work on each car between races, and since I stay home/go marketing/nap during this time, he wears Judah most of the day.

On the third Night of Hanukkah, Lion got a present that he loves alot. A set of Football Guys, dressed as UofM players. I thought it would actually be a great way for him to start learning about sports, and their actual rules.

Here is Kyle, about to go marshall (help turn over flipped cars and break up accidents)

Wearing Judah all day, gives these two time to play and bond every second Kyle isn't driving. Here they are caught in a game of "push and pull on daddy's beard and see what happens!"

"he's got my fingers!"

Kyle said soon after this; " I love the feeling of her belly shaking as she laughs in the wrap! It is like sharing her joy in a really cool way!"

The kids and I came home and had a bath and a peaceful fourth night of Hanukkah while daddy finished up his races. He wasn't home till 10 o'clock!

Good thing this club is bi-weekly, because I think I would miss my family too much to let this go on every weekend.  But look how much fun they have!!!


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